On November 2, 2008, a long-time supporter of Kepler College and a wonderful astrologer, Norma Storey, died in her home. Norma was a native of Washington, born in Bellingham in 1935. She was employed by the postal service for 33 years, enjoyed the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright and taught astrology for much of her adult life.

Norma was an early supporter of Kepler College and firmly believed in the College's importance to astrology's future. She first donated to the College in 1993, only a year after its incorporation, and continued to donate on a yearly basis. She always made a point to stop by the Kepler College table at NORWAC and speak of her strong belief that astrology needed to have a place in academia.

Norma and her family has asked that a memorial fund be established in her name at the College.

Norma - thank you for your consistent support and gentle encouragement. We will miss you.

On Memorial Day, 2001, Kepler College and astrology as a whole lost a friend with the passing of Marion March.

Born in Germany, raised and schooled in Switzerland, Marion came to the U.S. in 1941 and acted in films as well as on the stage. Married in 1948, she had two grown children and three grandchildren. A teacher and professional astrologer since 1970 with a large international clientele, Marion spoke 5 languages and was an eagerly sought lecturer all over the world as well as writer for magazines as well as radio and television interviews here and abroad.

With Joan McEvers, in 1975 she founded Aquarius Workshops, a School of Astrology whose magazine Aspects is still one of the most respected in the astrological community. Together they wrote the best selling six volume series The Only Way to...Learn Astrology, The Only Way to...Learn About Tomorrow, The Only Way to...Learn About Relationships and The Only Way to...Learn About Horary & Electional Astrology as well as Astrology: Old Theme, New Thoughts. These books are used in many English speaking schools of astrology, even in such distant countries as Ireland, South Africa and Australia. The books have been translated into German, Spanish, French, Yugoslav, Czech, Portuguese, Russian and Japanese.

Haloli_RichterWe are sad to announce the passing of a Dear Friend:

Haloli Q. Richter, Washington Astrologer and Advisor to Leaders in Politics, Business and Entertainment, died September 11, 2004 8:00 pm at the age of 64. She went with peace, surrounded by friends.

Haloli Richter, astrologer, writer, translator and lecturer, well known for her substance, style, wit and common sense has died…..

A native of Linz, Austria, Ms. Richter graduated from Goddard College in Vermont, writing her thesis on “Bridging Psychology, Astrology and Mythology”. She was a life-long student of the humanities, especially art history, philosophy and religions. Her love was classical music, with a special passion for Richard Wagner operas. She combined her knowledge of many diverse fields with her skills in astrology to give her clients sage yet practical advice.

Lois Rodden, member of Kepler's Founders' Circle, left her body June 5, 2003 at approximately 8:30 AM PDT in Yucaipa, CA.

Lois is in the enviable position of leaving this earth with a job well done - a substantial job well done.

Her work has changed astrology for all time. When she entered the field, there were no standards for data integrity. Incorrect birth data were innocently repeated over and over. The computer acronym GIGO (Garbage In; Garbage Out) comes to mind. Things are different now. Better books and articles are being written because they are grounded in a broad base of thousands of clean and well-organized birth data. Every serious astrological writer now checks his/her work against the data in her AstroDatabank.

Lois died of cancer (her seventh) and was ready to go without fear. She regrets not being able to attend college in this life but has firm plans of attending an Ivy League university in her next life.

Kepler College is honored to be the recipient of her astrological library.

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