Kepler College is a global leader in quality astrological education.

The Mission of Kepler College is to create an online learning environment conducive to the promotion of the best practices of in education. The College seeks to prepare students with the attitudes, skills, and habits of lifelong learning, enabling them to be useful members of a global society.

Kepler's objectives are to provide a sound, liberal intellectual basis for students to gain knowledge, to think critically, to communicate effectively, to appreciate many cultures, to achieve personal growth and to gain technology skills.

Kepler College seeks to fulfill its mission and objectives by developing an innovative and balanced curriculum grounded in the liberal arts, where the humanities and social sciences are integrated with a cross-cultural examination of cosmological philosophies and practices which endeavor to link the cosmos and human endeavors. By doing so, the College seeks to enable faculty and students to make insightful connections across disciplines, to analyze the connection between geo-cosmic traditions and the societies in which they were and are practiced, and to critically examine the intersections between minority and majority views and cultures.