Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

Chair - Board of Trustees

robert_handROBERT HAND, MA, Medieval Studies, Catholic University of America; BA, Honors History, Brandeis University.

Mr. Hand is well known internationally for his extensive research, scholarship and work in the astrological community. He has been studying astrology and the history of astrology for over forty years. His many books, include Planets in Transit, Planets in Composite, Planets in Youth, Horoscope Symbols, and Essays in Astrology. His particular areas of expertise are in classical medieval astrology and modern theory.

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Emeritus Members

Emeritus Chair


Margaret Nalbandian - founder of Kepler College
Joanne Wickenburg - brought us through our first authorization
Nico March, Jr. - helps sustain us as we developed



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Board of Trustees

Robert Hand, Chair

Nicholas Campion, Vice Chair

Suzanne Duffy-Kane, Kepler Alumni

Christine Arens

Chris Brennan

Tamira McGillivray

Bruce Scofield

Gloria Star

Giselle Terry

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