register-blueSeptember 15, 2013 - 12:00-3:00 p.m. PACIFIC TIME.

Intuition is a powerful tool that can provide a quicker path for chart synthesis and will help deepen your understanding of the chart. This 3-hour workshop explores theories about intuition and how it relates to astrology. Participants will learn how to tap into their own intuition through interactive exercises and learn to better discern between intuition, wishful thinking and personal projections.
The workshop is moderated by Donna Woodwell, and features Lesley Francis, Eileen "ike" West and Margaret Gray. Registration is limited to 20 to encourage attendees' participation.

Donna Woodwell, MA, is an astrologer, writer, and entrepreneur. She’s the owner of Four Moons Astrology, an instructor at Kepler College, host of the internet radio show Dead Astrologers Society, and writer at In addition to her astrological practice, Donna has received metaphysical training in Western, Eastern and indigenous philosophies. She is a certified hypnotist, an Initiate of the Australian branch of the Hermetic Order of the Brotherhood of Light, has studied Earth-based spiritualties, and is an Usui Reiki practitioner. An active member of the astrological community, she is the founding president of the Astrological Society of Austin, as well as a past board member of the ISAR and NCGR.

Eileen ‘ike’ West, MA. An activist for human consciousness-raising for more than 30 years, Eileen ‘ike’ West is an international ceremonial leader, spiritualist, lecturer and writer. A chapter long interview with West is included in Susan Smit's book Wijze Vrouwen (Wise Women), published in Amsterdam, NL. There, West is featured together with Jane Goodall, Isabelle Allende, Queen Noor of Jordan, Isabella Rossellini, Xaviera Hollander and  others.  West's novel  Away from Hannah's Castle  is published in both English and Dutch. She taught extensively throughout Europe for more than twenty years, recently retiring from her foreign travels in order to further her enrichment service practice at home in the USA.

Lesley Francis. A former journalist, Lesley is a practicing, professional astrologer, intuitive and professional writer who began her study of astrology in early 1974. She teaches and facilitates a variety of workshops and courses including astrology and developing intuition. Her writing has appeared in several editions of Llewellyn’s Sun and Moon Sign annuals and she is the author of the predictions in Llewellyn’s 2012, 2013 and 2014 Astrological Calendars.

Margaret Gray, MSW. With more than 17 years of experience working with couples, families and children, Margaret Gray, MSW, D. Psych. Astrology, now works full time as a professional astrologer. She travels internationally offering consultations, classes, workshops and mentoring to astrologers and therapists as well as working online. In 2005, together with a CPA colleague, Margaret was the first to bring Psychological Astrology training to the USA on behalf of the CPA UK where she studied with Liz Greene. She is a member of the ISAR board as well as the book reviewer for the ISAR journal. She's also a gifted intuitive and Reiki practitioner.