Supporting Kepler

Many thanks to everyone who has helped support Kepler College and its students!

Help Support the Maggie A. Nalbandian Library

In the fall of 2015, Kepler College brought its library out of storage and made it available once again to all astrologers. This has been an exciting development, and we have already outgrown our space! The daughters of both Pat Geisler and Margie Herskovitz have sent us many boxes of books, yet we've run out of room to put them on the shelves. Your contribution will help us find a new home, where we can not only house our new donations but also hold in-person workshops in the Seattle metro area! To stay in touch with current developments follow Maggie's Library on Facebook and Instagram.

Help Support our Students

Kepler offers the astrology community a broad forum for astrologers interested in furthering their knowledge. We have formal 10-week courses as well as less formal workshops on specific topics. We also have a unique resource that all astrologers can benefit from: the research database in the MDM Electronic Research Library.

As part of our passion for and commitment to the astrological community, for those with little time or money, we have created our regular free webinars.

If you care about astrological education, please donate now. 

We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and all cash donations are deductible. 

The Alexandria iBase Project

Kepler has always been concerned with the preservation of our astrological and esoteric heritage. To further this goal, it has worked with the Urania Trust, Star Cycles and others to develop the Alexandria iBase Project. This project is now its own corporate entity dedicated to the scanning of astrological papers and out-of-copyright materials and the development of an online database that provides links to these digitized materials as well as a catalog of the collections of participating libraries worldwide.

We are in the beginning stages of this project. We have received a $30,000 donation dedicated to high quality scanning and the initial development of the online library software and another $25,000 in donations to proceed. Our first major project was to scan the professional writings and research papers of Marion D. March. We are also in the process of cataloging out-of-copyright material that can be accessed as an ebook, a local library and soon the entire library catalog for Kepler College. For more information, please CLICK HERE

Please help us with this important project. If you use the button below, your donation will be restricted to the development of the Alexandria iBase.

I strongly encourage astrologers to add the Alexandria Ibase Project to their estate planning. Several modest estates could help fund this project for a long time, helping to establish a permanent location and creating a trust that could provide staffing and other essential elements of a permanent archival collection—something any field seeking solid legitimacy must have. -- Anne Beversdorf, Astrologer


Your generous gift ensures that Kepler can serve its students, enhance the professionalism of its instructors, offer resources to the general community (such as our free webinar series), develop its library, and have the resources needed to maintain the quality of its  programs.