The seeds of future events are carried
within ourselves. They are implicit in us
and unfold according to the laws of
their own nature.

-- Lawrence Durrell, The Alexandria Quartet: Cleo

-- Increasing numbers of people now are using astrology to better understand themselves and their relationships, their place in the world, their deep inner self and their ancestral legacy through family dynamics. Typically, a client does want to maximize their potential and realize their goals, but most importantly, they want to know what is going to happen to them and when.

To what degree can astrology address these natural concerns?

There is still no coherent answer to the ages-old inquiry into how astrology 'works' – after a long, slow, deep evolution of my own work, this wonder has “cooked” in my mind but never caused me much alarm, since I know it works, and that is what matters. On a purely intellectual level, there are some reasonable conjectures I have about how it works. It works like any integral system with a core focus and surrounding satellites.

Thus, as we have become more conscious and aware of nature and her systems, like fractals, mathematical sequences, deep cellular patterns and so forth, it slowly began to come to me that astrology is in the ‘unified theory’ search. That it is, in itself, a nuclear system, predicated on interaction, relativity and integration of a whole-system. The solar system is obviously connected with earth and its harmony or discord, and being on earth, the system is ‘personalized’ by our consciousness. The use of astrology in any form, in any genre, is always predicated not on duality, but on integrity of all systems in the work.

The solar system and its movements is an ideal metaphor for the ever-changing interactions among people, as well as the constant mediation of inner experiences and psyche/consciousness integration.

If I can have a relationship with another person, why can't a planet have a relationship with another planet? If Gaia is an organic entity, then why not Mars or Saturn? People form systems of small collectives, constellating around an idea, a family, a cause, a person -- always in motion, always in flux. Similarly planets are also constellating around a focus -- the Sun. (Focus in the Latin means “hearth fire”). So, our family of planets circles around and focuses on its hearth. All the planets, too, are in constant motion, changing their relationships relative to some fixed point -- such as the backdrop of fixed stars (as seen from our Earth perspective) or the zodiac -- and to each other.

The word 'horoscope' comes from the Greek horoskopos, - 'looking at the hour'. To divine or predict an outcome requires a beginning, an origin, a series of cycles within it, as well as a history. Ancient astrology had such an origin concept, which still prevails: the katarche.

Katarche is a Greek word that, loosely translated, means an auspicious moment or a beginning. It is from the origin of anything that its behavior and outcome can be predicted. Every second is a new beginning, and inherent in that beginning, that origin or birth, is its pattern of maturity and fruition. 

A horoscope is a fixed frame of spatial and temporal experience. It is a starting-point from which a systematic and predictable set of planetary movements can be plotted. For example, if a planet is at 1 degree Leo, we know it will be at 2 degrees Leo at a specific time in the future. If it is the moon's motion we are considering, it would be at 2 degrees Leo in a couple of hours; if the Sun, in the next 24 hours; if Mars, then in a few days; if Jupiter, in about 10 days; and so on.

We can also predict when the planet will return to the same point in the future. The moon will return to the same point every 27-1/2 days; Mars, every two years and two months; Jupiter, every 12 years and one month; and so on out to the furthest known planet, Pluto, which returns to the same zodiacal degree every 245 years! On the other hand, since each planet has its own unique return period, the odds of two or more planets repeating an exact pattern are not great. Moreover the vast number of variables in this intricate planetary system means that the entire pattern in the sky never repeats itself exactly.

Our planetary system is embedded in the global and individual psyche, in the brain as receptors, in the world brain as an archetypal experience. Compartmentalizing the psyche, we can speak of the unconscious, the shadow, the imagination, the anger function, Eros, archetypes, and so on. Just as the solar system as a whole never, ever presents the same pattern twice, no individual returns to the same point exactly again in his or her own life. Things are familiar, but never the same. The components remain the same, but their arrangement is infinitely changing.

What happens when your prediction goes wrong? Last month, Cynthia Withers presented a webinar where she walked the audience through an analysis of the game chart, the team charts, and the charts of the quarterbacks to make a prediction. The general conclusion: Carolina would win. 

The final outcome for Super Bowl 50?  Carolina - 10 and Denver - 24

Since coming into the study of astrology, I have deeply pondered the mechanism behind its magical and profound workings.  Any student of the subject has surely been amazed by its exactitude and precision in the timing of events, bodily illness, and passing moods that sweep through us in any given day. It is the unending and uncanny accuracy of astrology that keeps me motivated to continue my study. I also believe that astrology can be used to aid in healing. For instance, medical astrology can often be as accurate as a laboratory test, yet looking at the astrological chart is completely non-invasive.

In News

Kepler graduate Chris Brennan prepared an overview article that gives a roundup of predictions made by astrologers about the outcome of the 2012 presidential election in the United States. The article doesn't just focus on the predicted outcome, but includes the techniques used. "The purpose of this exercise is so that we can go back after the election and have a discussion within the astrological community about which techniques worked, and which ones didn’t." Read the article.

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My first experience with the Kepler Certificate Program has been an amazing journey. After many years of reading and trying to understand how astrology works, I decided I needed help pulling all the pieces together.

Since I work and have a family, the Kepler online learning program has been a wonderful way for me to reach out to the Universe and understand just a little more about who I am and where I want to go. The teachers are extremely knowledgeable and accessible.

The online learning environment is a great tool with video, audio, webinars, resource links, pdf documents, etc. Kepler also includes their own text and work book and a great selection of an easy to understand astrology books. With the ability to review any area I may find challenging, my learning is exciting and adapted to my needs.

I am enthusiastic and looking forward to continuing my astrological search with Kepler.

Thanks again, Linda Schingen (W101)