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The Astrology News Service oversaw an interview series by the award winning reporter Art Harris in New Orleans, during the United Astrology Conference 2012. Severl Kepler instructors ere included. Georgia Stathis gave an interview on the financial markets. Lee Lehman and Enid Newberg talked about astrological education. And, Bruce Scofiled did a masterful job explaining facts about the Mayan Calendar scare of 2012.

The Financial Markets

Georgia Stathis talks about the financial markets


Mayan Calendar Scare

Bruce Scofield examines the claims and truths of the Mayan calendar.


Astrological Education

Lee Lehman, who was the Chief Academic Officer of Kepler College, and Kepler president Enid Newberg discuss  astrological education.



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What is rectification anyway?

Carol Tebbs, the author of The Complete Book of Chart Rectification presents a brief introduction to rectification.


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    Moving the Chart In Time

    Carol Tebbs gives an overview of techniques covered in the "Moving the Chart Through Time" certificate. Using Chelsea Clinton's chart, she touches on the effect of directions, progressions, transits and eclipses during the Monica Lewinsky scandal.


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    Relationships - a technique from Ptolemy

    Preview a sample lecture from our Relationships certificate. Karen McCauley presents a technique from Claudius Ptolemy to determine the influence of the mother and father, based on whether it is a day-time or night-time chart.


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      What is Astrology?

      Curious about what astrology is and does?  This short video by Enid Newberg, who teaches in the Fundamentals of Natal Astrology certificate, gives an overview of what astrologers have said about astrology and the different branches of practice.

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      Astrology in Modern Fantasy Literature

      On March 22, 2009, faculty members Carol Tebbs, MA and Lee Lehman, PhD presented a webinar on the use of astrology in modern fantasy literature. They focused on the Narnia series by C.S. Lewis, the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling, and His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman (from which the movie, the Golden Compass, was made).

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      Solar Arc Webinar

      On February 22, 2009, Georgia Stathis provided a webinar for Solar Arcs. Below you will find a link to her presentation and an audio introduction.

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