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Rectification of a birth horoscope is the process of using the birth chart and astrological timing methods to test and clarify the true birth time of an individual. Since it might well be considered the Mount Everest or Holy Grail of astrological exercises: very challenging, fraught with errors, a low likelihood of success, and a high chance of failure - why then, attempt it? When no birth time is available or if there are multiple conflicting reports, the rectification exercise resembles the challenge of searching half the Indian Ocean for a missing jetliner. But a successful rectification opens up the possibility of a high degree of accuracy in prediction, particularly if it is based upon a timed-tested tradition.

One of the features that drew me to Vedic Astrology as a student at Kepler in 2006 was the astonishing accuracy of the timing methods of the Vedic tradition, which has been in use for several thousand years at least. When events are unfolding on a world-wide scale, another compelling reason to attempt rectification emerges: the hope of shedding light upon the actions and motives of a leader like Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, whose increasingly bold and attention-getting moves culminated with the invasion of Crimea on March 1, 2014. Here I am presenting one possible rectification for Putin's birth time, provided as a sort of research item which can be tested based on events in the next few years. If this birth time is close to correct, I think it is likely it should be possible to test it as well against western rectification as well.


Vladimir Putin's Birth Data

Birth Date: Oct 7, 1952 time unknown, conflicting reports.
Rectified by Lynn Bootes using Vedic astrology for 17:00 Capricorn rising
Birth Place: Leningrad, Russia 59 N 55, 30 E 20
Data source: Astrodatabank archived March 26, 2014. “C” data. There is a reply to an e-mail to Putin's Webmaster, citing government archives, of 9:30 am. There is a report of a conversation in which Putin stated 1:00 pm. There are several rectified times. See http://www.astro.com/astro-databank/Putin,_Vladimir
Biographical source: Wikipedia, archived March 26, 2014, cites over 214 sources.

Putin's birth date, according to his website, was October 7, 1952, in Leningrad, USSR (now St. Petersburg, Russia). This is a Gregorian or western date, not a Julian date as used in the Russian Orthodox Church calendar – I verified this with a friend and client who is a Russian ex-patriate and her family. Even if he was baptized, a likely event, the recorded birth would be the government date, which used the western calendar. A rumor has circulated recently that he may have been born two years previously in Georgia and secretly adopted. However, the dates of school entry, graduation and college education fit exactly the norm for the Soviet system at the time, and according to my source it would have been highly unusual to change the birth date or year even in the event of adoption.

The Astrodatabank notes there are no birth certificates issued in Russia, and the source of data is the government archives. In 2002, Putin's webmaster replied to an e-mail, stating his birth time was 9:30 am. Another individual reported a conversation in which Putin quoted 1:00 pm. A number of rectifications have been attempted by Western astrologers, with various birth times. Such conflicting reports are considered “C” data by the databank editors.


Working with Vedic Astrology

If the reader is not familiar with Vedic astrology, a few words of explanation are in order. Most of the meanings assigned to the Zodiac signs, planets and houses are similar to Western astrology. The most important difference from most Western or tropical astrology is the use of the Sidereal Zodiac: that is, the divisions of the Zodiac signs are based upon the position of marker stars, rather than the spring Equinox. The two systems were more or less the same about 2,000 years ago, when Hellenistic and Vedic astrology texts were written, but due to Precession of the Equinoxes, the tropical zodiac used in the west no longer corresponds with stellar constellations.

In India, while exact details differ from region to region, the government standard Lahiri ayanamsa (the difference between tropical and sidereal) is based upon the position of the star Spica at 1 degree Libra. This star rises at sunset when the sun is in 1 degree Aries on about April 14. The difference between the two zodiacs is about 24 degrees. Thus, Putin's Sun is at 21 degrees Virgo in a Vedic chart and 15 degrees Libra in a tropical chart.

A second notable difference is that Vedic astrology places very little or no attention on the outer planets or asteroids, even though they are acknowledged to exist. Instead the Sun, Moon, visible planets and the North and South lunar nodes, Rahu and Ketu, are used. The interlocking rulerships of the planets, signs and houses are extremely important and work in a fashion very similar to Hellenistic and Medieval systems.

A third difference is the use of Whole Sign Houses: if the Ascendant is, for instance, 17 degrees Capricorn, then the entire sign Capricorn is considered to be the first house, and the houses are of equal size and counted from the first house. The Midheaven is commonly ignored and the 10th house serves as the marker of career. Because of this different house system, it is not uncommon for one or more planets to be placed in a different house than in the Western chart. 

A fourth difference is that the chart is laid out in a square fashion: the North Indian style is very similar to Medieval Persian and European chart forms except that the Ascendant is at the top and it is read counter-clockwise. In the South Indian style the Zodiac signs are always in the same position with Pisces at the top left and the Ascendant is marked on the chart and it is read clockwise.

Timing a Life in Vedic Astrology

Timing in Vedic astrology relies in large part on Dasha systems, customarily derived from the traditional Lunar Zodiac of India, the 27 Nakshatras or Lunar constellations. Each is 13 degrees and 20 minutes of longitude, approximately the distance travelled by the Moon from one night to the next. In the most commonly used Vimshottari Dasha system, each Nakshatra is assigned a one of nine planetary rulers, which have a specified order and have a specified number of years assigned to them, adding up to 120. (There are a number of different Dasha systems, but I will deal only with Vimshottari here).

The Moon's position in a Nakshatra at birth is used as the starting mark for clocking the effects of dasha periods in a person's life. For instance, Putin's Vedic Moon is in Taurus; if he were born before  about 10:00 am, his birth Nakshatra would have been Krittika, and the first dasha planet would have been the Sun. After 10:00 am, the Moon was in Rohini and the ruling dasha period at birth would have been the Moon. Transits of planets through the signs and houses play a secondary role in Vedic astrology.

Figure 1: Putin's Chart based on the official archivesI first looked at Putin's chart with the 9:30 am birth time, a chart which I concluded is not likely to be accurate. (See figure 1 at right) This chart has an Ascendant (Lagna) of 9 degrees Libra with Venus in the first house. Venus is the ruler of Libra and thus of the first house and is opposite Jupiter in Aries in the 7th house.

Note that Vedic astrology uses whole sign aspects and only a few of them, conjunctions, oppositions, and a few other selected “special” aspects. I take issue with this as his chart simply based upon the position of Venus: I would expect a far more charming individual with more interest in the arts. Also, with Jupiter in the 7th house, his marital relationship ought to have been more positive rather than troubled.

This chart has Sun, Saturn, and Mercury in the 12th house and Moon in the 8th house. This is not a likely placement for someone who has risen from humble origins to the pinnacle of power: in Vedic astrology this is an “Aristha Yoga” of difficulty and obstacles. It does not have a “Raja Yoga” of rise above ones' station in which the 4th, 5th, 9th and 10th house rulers combine in a positive fashion: the 4th and 5th house ruler is Saturn in the 12th house.

The 9th house ruler Mercury is in the 12th, and the 10th house ruler Moon is in the 8th. Putin's mother and father were both influential in his life and lived until 1999; in this chart the 4th house ruler Saturn indicates the mother, and the 9th house ruler, Mercury, the father. Both are in the 12th house as is the Sun, so some loss of parental care would be expected which did not happen apparently. Finally, the South Node, Ketu, is in the 10th house, and people born with Ketu in this location commonly have more than average setbacks in career

9:30 AM, OCTOBER 7, 1952

SUN DASHA: Birth to Nov 24, 1952, age 6 weeks
MOON DASHA: Nov 24, 1952 to Nov 24, 1962, age 10 years, 1 month
MARS DASHA: Nov 24, 1960 to Nov 24, 1969, age 17 years, 1 month
RAHU DASHA: Nov 24, 1969 to Nov 24, 1987, age 35 years, 1 month
JUPITER DASHA: Nov 24, 1987 to Nov 24, 2003, age 51 years, 1 month
SATURN DASHA: Nov 24, 2003 to Nov 24, 2022, age 70 years, 1 month

I next looked at the Vimshottari Dashas for this chart (figure 2). I am skeptical of the birth time because the dasha periods just don't quite line up. It has been my experience that people who have long, successful careers often first become ambitious if they begin Rahu Dasha at a young age. Putin has said that martial arts training, which he began in 1966, had a significant role in his development. However, in the 9:30 am birth time, he would not have entered Rahu dasha until 1969, his last year of secondary school. This would have been overly late to explain admission to an elite university directly from high school – he would have had to have been diligent through secondary school to achieve this.

Another concern is that Jupiter dasha began in 1987, four years after his marriage and six years after he began a career in the KGB, the Soviet Secret Service, in which he steadily rose through the levels of bureaucracy. Finally, he entered Saturn dasha in 2003, four years after the fateful events of 1999-2000 in which he became Yeltin's appointed successor and then President of Russia. Notice that several key events occurred about four years before the dashas changed in this chart; for a Vedic astrologer, this is a key clue to how far off the chart might be from the true birth time.

Rectifying to a 5:00 pm Birth Time

Putin chart Figure 03I then checked various birth times to find out which hour would best fit the dasha periods. The best fit, I believe is with a sidereal Capricorn rising, corresponding to about 5:00 pm birth time. (See figure 3).

Can I picture Putin as a Capricorn rising individual, serious, hard-working, and ambitious? Definitely!

I next looked at the Ascendant ruler, Saturn, which in this chart is well-placed in Virgo in the 9th house with the Sun. The father, described by the 9th house, would be active in his life, serious and strict – his father was a naval officer and a war veteran and party member with a factory job – humble but able to provide a frugal living. The mother, is described by the 4th house, Aires, which has Jupiter placed in it – his mother was religious and provided well for him. Despite having grown up in squalid communal housing, he nonetheless had a secure childhood with regular meals, good education, and a path to Communist Party membership, far better than his parents' generation.

failure of his only marriage. placed Moon exalted in Taurus in the 5th house, with its' ruler Venus in the 10th. The 9th house ruler Mercury is in the 10th. Venus the 10th house ruler is in its own house. Only the 5th house ruler, Mars, is in an unfavorable location in the 12th. In this chart, Rahu, the North Node, is in the first house, adding extra emphasis to the idea that he is an ambitious individual. Mars in the 12th house could fit with a person working in the KGB and having an interest in martial arts, a individual rather than team sport in which strategy and surprise play a key role.

Note the 10th house is Libra and that in this chart Mercury has moved to the 10th house and Venus is there, with an aspect from Jupiter in the 4th house. One would expect to find someone who can be successful in a career and who can use charm and negotiation as a tool. The 9th house is Virgo and with Sun and Saturn there we would expect someone who did well in higher education and studied some serious practical subjects: in his case Law and later a post-graduate degree in Economics. This is not the chart of someone with a military career.

Dasha's Calculated for 5:00 p.m.

17:00 (5:00 PM)

MOON DASHA: Birth to Nov 24, 1959 – age 7 years 1 month
MARS DASHA: Nov 24, 1959 to Nov 24, 1966 – age 14 years 1 month
RAHU DASHA: Nov 24, 1966 to Nov 24, 1984 – Age 32 years, 1 month
JUPITER DASHA: Nov 24, 1984 to Nov 24, 2000 – Age 48 years, 1 month
SATURN DASHA: Nov 24, 2000 to Nov 24, 2019 – Age 67 years, 1 month

SATURN/SATURN: Nov 23, 2000 to Nov 27, 2003
SATURN/MERCURY: Nov 27, 2003 To Aug 6, 2006
SATURN/KETU: Aug 6, 2006 to Sept 15, 2007
SATURN/VENUS: Sept 15, 2007 to Nov 15, 2010
SATURN/SUN: Nov 15, 2010 to Oct 28, 2011
SATURN/MOON: Oct 28, 2011 to May 28, 2013
SATURN/MARS: May 28, 2013 to July 7, 2014
SATURN/RAHU: July 7, 2014 to May 13, 2017
 SATURN/JUPITER: May 13, 2017 to Nov 24, 2019

Moon Dasha: In this chart he began life in Moon dasha – the Moon is exalted in the 5th house, a favorable house, and he was apparently a healthy child who experienced parental love and care.

Mars dasha began in 1959 shortly before he entered school in 1960. The only information is a report that at age 11 he was one of the last children of his 4th year class to be admitted to the Communist Youth Organization because of his unruly behavior. Although very general, this does fit the description of a Mars dasha.

Rahu dasha began at age 14 in 1966, the year he began martial arts training; in the Capricorn rising chart the Rahu dasha gains extra importance since Rahu is in the first house. We should not underestimate the importance of the martial arts to his development and refining his ambitions. This dasha carried him through the rest of his academic career and early years in the KGB and fits so well with the image of a man whose career was as a spy!

Jupiter dashanote that he married and had two children near the beginning of Jupiter dasha, and that in 1986 he went to work for the KGB in East Germany. He was called back to Leningrad in 1990 after the collapse of the Communist Empire.

In the summer of 1991, corresponding with the Ketu sub-period of Jupiter dasha, there was an attempted coup by the KGB against Gorbachev, and at this time Putin resigned from the KGB and the Communist Party. This is exactly the sort of event one associates with a Ketu sub-period in Jupiter – an interruption or setback in a steady rise.

Later in 1991 he was investigated over some financial impropriety involving $95 million dollars which took place while he worked for the city government. But despite the recommendations of a panel to fire him, he held on to his job in the city government. Note that for a Capricorn rising individual, Jupiter dasha is not the height of the career, as it is a functional malefic, ruling the 3rd and 12th houses. Rather it is the preparation for the Saturn dasha which is generally the height of career.

In the remaining years of Jupiter dasha, he rose steadily in the government of St. Petersburg and later transferred to Moscow as part of the Yeltsin government.

Saturn dasha began in 2000 and will end in 2019. In the last year of Jupiter dasha, on Dec 31, 1999, Yeltsin abruptly resigned and named him as successor of an interim government. He stood for election as President of Russia in 2000, again in 2004, and in 2012.

Saturn is the Ascendant Lord and is in the 9th house and rules the 10th house, so for Putin the Saturn years are the peak career years. During the years 2008-2012 his close associate Dimitri Medvedev served as president, but all have agreed Putin retained a substantial degree of control behind the scenes of government.

Other notable events include the Kursk disaster in August, 2000, the second was in Chechnya in 2000, and the Moscow theater hostage crisis of March 14, 2004, major diplomatic gestures to Iran, Libya and China in 2007, and invasion of Georgia in 2008. The Pussy Riots took place in February, 2012 and the Sochi Winter Olympics in February 2014. The Arab Spring of 2011 and the entry of NATO into Libya took place during the Saturn/Moon sub-period.

Mars sub-period of Saturn Dasha. This sub-period began some time in the spring of 2014. Because Mars is in the 12th house it may be reasonable to expect secret action and dealing. In the fall of 2013, Putin offered asylum to Edward Snowden, the American NSA agent who absconded from the USA with classified data he claimed revealed evidence of massive violation of the privacy rights of Americans. Russia thus obtained potential access to much of the workings of the American security systems, a major coup for Putin. Russia overtly and covertly aided Syrian President Assad despite objections from almost all other nations about the horrific methods used by the Syrian government in that civil war. The Mars sub-period is currently in effect until some time in the summer of 2014.

period of Saturn Dasha. If the proposed birth time is correct, some time in the summer of 2014 he will enter the Rahu sub-period. During this three-year period Putin can be expected to be uncommonly ambitious and domineering, and will continue to use subterfuge and secret dealings.

Saturn/Rahu is also a sub-period in which health issues may be a concern, particularly in someone more than 60 years of age. However, as he appears to have a strong constitution I think it would be prudent to expect him to be around and in power at least through the end of Saturn dasha in 2020.


Although the location of the planets at the present time, transits, receive secondary attention in classical Vedic astrology, they are still revealing.

Saturn has been in the sidereal Libra, Putin's 10th house, most of the time since November 2011 and will remain there until November, 2014. Since Saturn is Putin's Ascendant Lord and he is also running Saturn Dasha, it is a particularly powerful actor in career and political power – he really is at the top of his game.

Rahu, the North Node, entered Libra in January of 2013 and remains until July of 2014. Since Rahu is present in his natal first house and has been the signifier of personal ambition for Putin, it has added extra force to his power-plays.

Mars briefly entered Libra in February, 2014, but has since moved back into Virgo, his 9th house, where it will remain until July 14, 2014. Since Saturn/Mars is the current sub-period lord, it assumes a lot of importance in current events. I expect Putin will back off and resort to diplomacy this spring and early summer.

But after July 14, when Rahu and Mars change signs one day apart and close to the time Putin will enter the Saturn/Rahu sup-period, I expect he will show his hand with more aggressive and insidious power-plays; indeed he may be only warming up.

Finally, let me again stress that this is a speculative rectified chart and not based on any sort of data on Putin's birth time, presented here for research purposes.

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    Chart Interpretation Tue, 01 Apr 2014 00:27:04 +0000
    Testing A Rectification Method http://www.kepler.edu/home/index.php/news-mainmenu-139/audio-video/item/433-testing-a-rectification-method http://www.kepler.edu/home/index.php/news-mainmenu-139/audio-video/item/433-testing-a-rectification-method Sir Patrick Moore dies at age 89

    Chart rectification can be challenging and different astrologers have advocated different methods. In the final class of the certificate, Moving the Chart in Time (W112), students have a chance to test different methods. Corinna Hurst, a student from the Certificate program, has volunteered to share her Week 6 assignment. Corinna started studying at Kepler in the fall of 2010, starting at the beginning with W101 Introduction to Astrological Symbolism and Practice.

    Week 6 assignment for W112 Rectification class taught by Carol Tebbs (Fall term 2012-2013)

    • Select a chart of a notable person whose birth time is A, B, or C-rated and experiment with one of the rectification methods described by another author (reviewed in week 1) except Zipporyh Dobyns, Carol Tebbs and Noel Tyl, since we have already practiced their methods. Use a list of important life events to derive a birth time that astrologically corresponds to time rectification, most probably one of especial interest to you. [Note: The other authors included Bernadette Brady, Ciro Discepolo, Laurence Ely, Ken Gilman, David Meadows, Bruce Scofield, and John Willner.]

    I have chosen to look at the life and chart of Sir Patrick Moore, a very famous British Astronomer in the Public Media. His birth information is rated C, and he died only a few days ago on December 9, 2012 at age 89. According to astrodatabank he relegated astrology to “a load of rubbish” and Wikipedia quoted him as saying Astrology proves one thing, “There is one born every minute!” [Quotes are from Wikipedia, as of December 12, 2013.]

    The technique that I have chosen to experiment with is the one put forth in ‘A Summary of Willner’s Book The Perfect Horoscope: Following the Astrological Guidelines Established by Edgar Cayce.’ Carol A Tebbs, who wrote the review of Willner’s book, states,

    on the back of the book presumably written by Willner himself we find: The majority of horoscopes in current use are terribly wrong. Why? Because spiritual birth times, which are essential to producing an accurate horoscope according to Edgar Cayce, occur up to four-and-a- half hours before physical birth…. Compared with most of today’s faulty horoscopes, these ‘perfect horoscopes’ match personas with awesome precision and provide greatly enhanced forecasting capabilities.

    In the Summary of the article, Tebbs includes Willner’s “Proposed Standard for Testing Natal Horoscopes in the Tropical System”:

    1. The personality and physical appearance of the person will mirror the sign on the Ascendant in behavior and body features.
    2. All planets should be checked that they correctly reflect their [Placidus] house position, especially those planets near a cusp. One house or the other will predominate- the astrologer must determine which.
    3. Appropriate day-for-a-year Naibod progressed aspects in either longitude or declination should coincide with every important life event with 00;-4’ of accuracy. A minimum of three events should be tested, but more are desirable, and many of the events should be accompanied by aspects involving the Angles- natal or progressed, Ascendant or Midheaven.
    4. If in using the Placidus system intercepted houses are present, the intercepted pair of houses will match the vocation or a strong avocation or at least their activities a strong tendency.
    5. If planets are conjunct or parallel the Ascendant, Midheaven, Descendant or Imum Coeli, extraordinary or recognizable traits will be evident according to the symbolism of the planet and the sign.
    6. The overall horoscope shall fit the person exactly, without any doubts or exceptions.

    I will use these guidelines to experimentally check the C rated birth time on Sir Patrick Moore’s Natal Chart  from Astro Data Bank using some of the more predominant life events listed in Wikipedia and in Astrodata bank.

    Step 1 “The personality and physical appearance of the person will mirror the sign on the Ascendant in behavior and body features.”

    I find it counter-intuitive to start here without at least checking some of the major events of the life through solar arc because if the birth time is off (and it is only rated C) then the Ascendant could be wrong and to try to fit the appearance and personality to the Zodiac sign seems like quite a subjective place to start. SirPatrickAlfredMooreNatal smSo I did not start with Willner's first step. Instead I first used Solar Arc to check various events.

    (click on chart at left to enlarge in new window)

    His Death

    Sir Patrick Moore just passed away 12/09/12 – His Sun and Uranus are conjunct by 1 degree in his natal chart. His Uranus is 13 degrees Pisces 30 minutes and his Ascendant is 13 degrees Pisces 32 minutes. This means his Uranus/Sun conjunction by Solar Arc would hit his Gemini Ascendant at 13 degrees 32 minutes just prior to his 90th Birthday. He would have been 90 this March (March 4 2012). Uranus is an appropriate indication of a sudden event, the Sun represents the life force and the Ascendant is the way one interacts with the physical world. Uranus conjunct the Sun colliding with the Ascendant would be an appropriate indicator for a sudden change happening to the way this life force interacts with the physical world( death). This is one sign to me that the Ascendant is correct (and thus the birth time is correct).
    I look for other confirmations with the angles and major deaths in Sir Patrick Moore’s life…

    His Father’s Death

    Sir Patrick Moore’s Father died in 1947 when he was 24 years old. Sir Patrick Moore’s Ascendant at 13 degrees Gemini 32 minutes hits Pluto at 9 degrees Cancer 9 minutes in his Placidus second house at age 24. Pluto often represents death and the sign of Cancer is representative of the nurturing energies of the parent.  The Ascendant meeting the death (Pluto) of a parent (Cancer) is another appropriate sign to me that the time on this chart is correct.

    His Mother’s Death

    Sir Patrick Moore’s biography on Wikipedia states that he was ‘exceptionally close to his mother’ who died in 1981 when Sir Patrick Moore was 58 years old. I look for a sign of this by Solar Arc in the Natal chart. I find confirmation of an event  involving the moon (which would also be altered by the time of birth on the natal chart.) By Solar Arc the Moon at 00 degrees Libra 37 minutes hits Jupiter in Scorpio at 18 degrees 56 minutes when Sir Patrick Moore is 58 years old. The Moon is representative of the Mother and Jupiter (the planet of expansion) is in the sign of Scorpio ruled by Pluto (the planet of death and destruction). Jupiter is an expansive energy. Here that expansive energy is in a sign associated with death and when Sir Patrick Moore’s Moon (the sign of the Mother) collided with Jupiter it was also symbolic of his Mother’s death. I am convinced that this time could be (and probably is) correct.

    Now I feel comfortable to go on and look at the Ascendant and the personality and appearance of Sir Patrick Moore to see if they match…

    Café Astrology describes the Gemini Rising personality as:

    “Gemini Ascendant exude an air of impatience even if they don't mean it. In fact, there is a cleverness to Gemini Ascendants that can intimidate some, especially sensitive folk. Their facility with words can be a wonderful asset, although sometimes Gemini rising individuals identify too much with their mental agility and forget, in their personal interactions and communications, to nurture the people around them. A certain lack of warmth in presentation can be the result, and although this style is generally a facade, it is not immediately apparent to most."

    After reading through Patrick Moore’s biography on Wikipedia and Astrodatabank I am convinced that his personality matches that of a Gemini, and kind of a bratty Gemini at that! Wikipedia describes Sir Patrick Moore as:

    the former president of the British Astronomical Association, co-founder and former president of the Society for Popular Astronomy, author of over 70 books on astronomy and presenter of the world’s longest-running television series with the same original presenter, The Sky at Night on the BBC. As an amateur astronomer, be became known as a specialist on observing the Moon and creating the Caldwell catalogue. Idiosyncrasies such as his rapid diction and monocle made him a popular and instantly recognizable figure on British television’

    This description in itself matches that of the brainy, chatty cerebral fact finding Gemini.

    However to further to substantiate what Café Astrology alludes to above with the  ‘cleverness’ and lack of tact (and in his case political correctness) I have noted the following statements made by Sir Patrick Moore also listed in Wikipedia (as of December 12, 2012):

    • Reporters often asked him questions such as “Why waste money on space research when there is so much to be done here?”; he later said then when asked these type of questionsI know that I’m dealing with an idiot.”
    • Another question that annoyed him was “what is the difference between astronomy and astrology?”
    • ‘He proudly declared himself to be English (rather than British) with “not the slightest wish to integrate with anybody”.
    • He wrote that “homosexuals are mainly responsible for the spreading of AIDS (the Garden of Eden is home of Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve)”
    • In an interview with Radio Times, he provocatively asserted that the BBC was being “ruined by women”, commenting that; “The trouble is that the BBC now is run by women and it shows; soap operas, cooking, kitchen-sink plays. You wouldn’t have had that in the golden days.”
    • Moore responded to those who criticized his Euro-sceptic and right-wing beliefs by saying, “I may be accused of being a dinosaur, but I would remind you that dinosaurs ruled the Earth for a very long time”
    • In 1976 for an April Fool’s spoof on BBC Radio 2,  Moore announced that at 9:47 am, a once-in-a-lifetime astronomical event was going to occur that meant that if listeners could jump at the exact moment of an imminent celestial event they would experience a temporary floating sensation. The BBC received many telephone calls from listeners alleging that they actually experienced the sensation.
    • Moore once joined the Flat Earth Society as an ironic joke.
    • Finally, Astrodatabank quotes Sir Patrick Moore as saying that Astrology proves one thing; ‘There is one born every minute’.

    After reading these statements made by Sir Patrick Alfred Moore I am convinced that Gemini Ascendant fits his personality. However I do not agree that it matches his appearance.

    SirPatrickAlfredMooreOldAge200The Gemini rising description given at www.astrotheme.com is as follows, “Physically speaking, Gemini people have sparkling eyes and expressive mobile traits which are nice and well-defined. They are of slim build and of average to tall height with a supple, slender, and a nervous musculature. The limbs are often long like those of fashion models.” I have attached photos of Sir Patrick Alfred Moore, one more recent and one of when he was much younger.

    Physically I think Sir Patrick Moore might better be described by his Sun sign which astrotheme.com describes as follows;

    SirPatrickAlfredMooreYoung sm"Physically speaking, Pisces people are often plump and of average stature because they are a sign of absolute absence of differentiation. It is the only sign of the Zodiac which can take on many different appearances. The eyes are often large, attractive, quite fixed or slow, and almost hypnotic. The whole physique gives an impression which is somehow misty, mysterious, benevolent and quiet. Actually, Pisces' outward appearance is impossible to classify, similarly to their personality which remains completely elusive!”

    Step 2. All planets should be checked that they correctly reflect their (Placidus) house position, especially those planets near a cusp. One house or the other will predominate - the astrologer must determine which.

    I think it would be helpful if I had Willner’s book for this step but I will do my best without it with what I know of him.

    Pluto is in the second house of ‘my home, my values, my belongings’ for Moore. Pluto represents destruction, transformation and rebirth and it is in the sign of Cancer (my needs/the mother/emotional nurturance).  To me this means there will be a theme of destruction/death/rebirth especially in the emotional arena (because it is in the watery sign of Cancer) in the area of ‘my values, my belongings, my things’. 

    Lorna, Patrick’s fiancée was killed by a bomb which struck her ambulance in world war II.  Moore subsequently sadly remarked that he never married because “there was no one else for me.. second best is no good for me … I would have liked a wife and family, but it was not to be.”  Death and destruction occurred early on to what Patrick Moore valued most. His father also died when Patrick was only twenty-four. His mother then lived with him in his home till she died. In January of 1998, a tornado destroyed part of Moore’s garden observatory and also in 1998 Moore campaigned unsuccessfully against the closure of the Royal Observatory, in Greenwich. (I will be checking Moore’s progressed chart for the year 1998 to see if there are any interesting aspects to Pluto) I can accept Pluto (the planet of destruction) in the second house of ‘My Values’ and ‘My Valuables’ for all of these reasons.

    Neptune is in the sign of Leo in the 4th house of family. Neptune represents the ideal. To me this means that in some ways Sir Patrick Moore held some illusions of the ideal family. As read in the above quote by Sir Patrick Moore when he lost his fiancé at a young age, “there was no one else for me ....”

    Interestingly Neptune in Patrick Moore’s chart is parallel the asteroid Vesta which is in the detailed, hard, working earth sign of Virgo. Demetra and Bloch in their book entitled Asteroid Goddesses define Vesta as “Commitment to work; using work as a compensation; dedication to accomplishment or goals; emotional distancing; hard work and career demands; impersonal; sublimation of other interests into the career or vocation; sacrifice/denial of self by others self for a greater goal.” This speaks loudly to me of someone who replaced their desire for family with a dedication to their work.

    I think this theme is reinforced by Mercury aptly placed in the 10th house (house of career) in the sign of Aquarius (which rules astronomy) opposing Neptune in the 4th. (Neptune and the fourth house are both in the creative sun sign of Leo). Moore was a very creative person but in his biography he also stated that he was “exceptionally close” to his mother, Gertrude, a talented artist who lived with him at his Selsey home, which is ‘still adorned with her paintings of “bogey”- little friendly aliens-which she regularly produced and which were sent out annually as Moore’s Christmas cards’. Again this reinforces the ideal notion with family (Moore being exceptionally close to his mother) and the creative/imaginative side of Leo and Neptune combining with the family in his mother who was an artist. I am convinced Neptune is in the right house.

    The Moon is in the 5th house in Libra. The Moon represents one’s emotional self and need to feel right about oneself, Libra is a need to relate to others and create harmony and the fifth house is the house of creativity, pleasurable pursuits, games, children and the arts. Earlier it was noted that Moore said he would have liked children which fits with the moon here. Moore was also a keen amateur actor, appearing regularly in plays, a keen amateur chess player and cricketer. He was also featured on the 1990’s TV series GamesMaster.  I think the moon fits appropriately here, because it seems Moore spent all of his time relating to others in one way or another- that is why there is so much written about him!

    Saturn is in Libra in the sixth house. Saturn represents our discipline, Libra our desire to relate to others and the sixth house is our house of routine.  Wikipedia states, “On 26th April 1957, at 10:30 pm, Moore presented the first episode of The Sky at Night, which was about the Comet Arend-Roland. The show was pitched to casual viewers up to professional astronomers, in a format which has remained consistent since its inception. Moore presented every episode each month, except July 2004, when he was replaced by Chris Lintott because Moore suffered a near-fatal bout of food poisoning caused by eating a contaminated goose egg. Moore appears in the Guinness World Records book as the world’s longest-serving TV presenter, by virtue of having presented the show since 1957. From 2004 to 2012, the program was presented from Moore’s home, since he could not travel because of his arthritis. Dedication and Discipline (Saturn) to maintain his routine and service(sixth house) to relating to others (Libra) could not be more obvious in this life. I feel that Saturn is appropriately placed. (Health issues which were abundant for Moore could be discussed as well)

    Jupiter is also in the sixth house but in the intense sign of Scorpio. I also feel that this is an appropriate placement for Jupiter as Jupiter represents expansion and the sixth house represents service. Jupiter in this case is also trine Sun conjunct Uranus in the 11th house of groups and social activism. This man served and served and served the part of the community interested in the night sky in his way (Broadcasting and writing about Astronomy) with great intensity (Scorpio)  He was also very intense and outspoken and forthright in his thoughts about many things. (Not necessarily “right” but definitely “forthright”!)

    Venus is in the ninth house in the sign of Capricorn. Venus represents love, our need for love, and our giving, and generosity of spirit. I think this could be aptly placed in the ninth house in the sign of Capricorn for two reasons. Sir Patrick Moore’s generosity of spirit or giving nature was in the form of knowledge, one might say higher, or accomplished (Capricorn) knowledge (about astronomy)  and alternately his need for love is in this house of spirit in the sign of Saturn (which can be a harsh restrictive/limiting sign).

    Venus is square Mars in Taurus in the 12th house. Mars represents accidents, the 12th house karma, Taurus can manifest as physical events and the aspect of the square shows a tension meaning that two things cannot exist together easily. In this case a physical (Taurus)accident (Mars) happened that took away(Capricorn) the love of Moore’s life Lorna(Venus) and thus she (Venus) remained only idealized in spirit form (9th house)

    Mercury in the tenth in Aquarius. Patrick Alfred Moore was a famous (10th house-career/public success) Astronomer (Aquarius rules Astronomy) Pop culture personality (Mercury/10th house) who broadcasted a show about the night sky. (Mercury rules communication in Aquarius which would encompass Astronomy)

    Sun conjunct Uranus in the 11th. The Sun represents one’s Vitality and sense of individuality and the sign of Pisces is a soul-yearning, a need to commit to a dream or ideal, a healing compassion for all that suffers. Uranus which is also in the Universal sign of Piscean love is representative of individualistic freedom with an urge toward differentiation and a need for change and expression without restraint. This Piscean combination here presents itself in the 11th house of group affiliations, social circles, social activism, organizations friends and associates. This placement speaks to me of an individual (Uranus) different from others in a stand out way (Uranus conjunct the Sun) who was dedicated to a greater cause (learning about the Universe) and the group affiliated with it (11th house) for all the reasons Pisces represents Universal Love. 

    I find evidence of this in several parts of his biography:

    First it states that despite some of the questions that did annoy him Sir Patrick Moore "always made a point of responding to all letters delivered to his house and he sent a variety of standard replies to all letters asking basic questions, as well as those from conspiracy theorist, proponents of hunting and ‘cranks’".  And ‘Despite his fame, as of 2003 his phone number was listed in the telephone directory and he was happy to show members of the public round his observatory.’ To me these instances show a dedication to sharing his love of astronomy with all (Universal Love= Pisces).  

    Further proof of his Piscean nature may be found in the following excerpt from his biography on Wikipedia, “He was an opponent of fox hunting and blood sports. Though not a vegetarian, he stated that he held” a deep contempt for people who go out to kill merely to amuse themselves” He was a lifelong animal lover, actively supporting many animal welfare charities (particularly Cats Protection) He had a particular affinity for cats and stated that “a catless house is a soulless house”.

    Finally, upon his death, Queen guitarist Brian May, who published a book on astronomy written with Moore, described him as a “dear friend, and a kind of father figure to me”. He said; “Patrick was the last of a generation, a true gentleman, the most generous in nature that I even knew, and an inspiration to thousands in his personal life, and to millions through his 50 years of unique broadcasting. It’s no exaggeration to say that Patrick in his tireless and ebullient communication of the magic of astronomy, inspired every British astronomer, amateur and professional, for half a century. There will never be another Patrick Moore. But we were lucky enough to get one.” I think this solidly places his Unique Piscean Life Force (Uranus conjunct the Sun)in the 11th house of group affiliations as he impacted so strongly a certain large group of people (amateur and perhaps professional astronomers alike).

    The last planet to be discussed then would be Mars at 00 degrees Taurus sixteen minutes in the 12th house.

    The 12th house can represent our sorrows, suffering, loss, karma, the mysteries, secrets, what is hidden, and spiritual service. Mars represents our desire, will toward action, and need for faith. Mars is a pure dynamic energy which can be constructive or very destructive. Taurus is the sign of stability, structure and a depth of appreciation related to immediate physical sensations.

    SirPatrickAlfredMoore-Fire smAgain I find two ways to describe why Mars’ position here can be explained. The first is the very concrete and tragic event of the loss of Sir Patrick Moore’s fiancé at a young age during the Second world war. His fiance’s vehicle was struck by a bomb and she died. (In horrible irony Moore himself was a flight lieutenant in the RAF Bomber command in the war. Although the intent was to keep to military targets, the RAF raids caused the loss of up to 600,000 civilian lives)

    The image on the left is of the site where his fiancé died.

    In Moore's chart, Mars (which relates to accidents) in Taurus (physical events) in the 12th house (loss, suffering, and even karma) is square (square aspects show where energy must be released, usually through action of a definite sort, in order that a new structure may be built) Venus (his need for love). I find this sadly descriptive of the tragic accident that took his fiance’s life.

    Mars is also appropriate in the twelfth house here for Sir Patrick Moore in that it shows his will toward action to achieve tangible results (Taurus) in the 12th house which covers mysteries, secrets and what is hidden. What could be more mysterious, secret or hidden than the Universe beyond? That was his motivation in life and he wrote many books and created many broadcasts to try and explain the Universe. For these reasons I can accept Mars placed here in the 12th house.

    Step 3. Appropriate day-for-a-year Naibod progressed aspects in either longitude or declination should coincide with every important life event with 00;-4’ of accuracy. A minimum of three events should be tested, but more are desirable, and many of the events should be accompanied by aspects involving the Angles- natal or progressed, Ascendant or Midheaven.

    I have chosen to look at the Sir Patrick Moore’s progressed declination lifetime graphic to answer this question (see chart below - click on image to open in a new window).

    SirPatrickAlfredMooreProgressedDeclination sm"The moon’s declination is the easiest to chart and provides the most dramatic results for signaling life changes." (C. Tebbs)

    “The moon at crossover can quite often indicate a time of crisis.” (C. Tebbs)

    In 1937 Sir Patrick Alfred Moore’s Moon was at 0 degrees cross over when his mentor, the man who ran the observatory at which he studied was killed in a road accident.

    Later that year his moon became parallel with his North Node (his correct direction in life). At that time he was invited to run the same small observatory at that young age of fourteen.

    “An inner planet or angle at maximum or crossover suggests changes in the life according to the planets astrological symbolism” (C. Tebbs.)

    • The death of his Sir Patrick Alfred Moore’s Father, Captain Charles Trachsel Caldwell-Moore, in 1947 from the gas he had inhaled back in the trenches of the Great War, fuelled his hatred of the German nation.
    • In 1947 his progressed Moon became parallel with his natal Mars.
    • Ten years ago in 2002, his health took a turn for the worse. A spinal injury that dated back to his time in the RAF meant one morning he woke to find the right side of his body was immobile, and so he became dependent on a team of carers. Exactly 10 years ago by declination St Patrick Patrick Moore’s progressed moon became parallel with his natal Mars.

    “Clearly maximum North or maximum South marks the end of one phase of life and the beginning of a new one.When many other timing factors lend support, the end of life can occur at one of these important stations of the moon’s declination”. (C. Tebbs)

    • On December 9, 2012 a few degrees after the Moon hit maximum South declination in Sir Patrick Thomas’ chart and became conjunct with the MC (his public persona) he passed away.

    Step 4:If in using the Placidus system intercepted houses are present, the intercepted pair of houses will match the vocation or a strong avocation or at least their activities a strong tendency.

    Sir Patrick Alfred Moore does have intercepted houses in his Natal Chart when using the Placidus house system . Taurus is intercepted in the 12th and Scorpio in the 6th.  From her book, Vocational Astrology, Judith Hill lists that Taurus types can be ‘excellent musicians and composers’  and this was true in this case as Wikipedia states that ‘Patrick Moore was a self-taught xylophone and piano player as well as an accomplished composer’. Judith Hill notes that Scorpio types need high intensity focus and have a willingness to give there all in battle. Patrick Moore lied about his age so that he could join the military early and fight in World War II. He served for five years and there are also some allusions to him doing some work that was of a ‘secret’ nature. This seems to fit the Scorpio nature.

    Step 5. If planets are conjunct or parallel the Ascendant, Midheaven, Descendant or Imum Coeli, extraordinary or recognizable traits will be evident according to the symbolism of the planet and the sign.

    The only planet I found conjunct an angle in Sir Patrick Moore’s chart was  Venus conjunct his MC. I think it was evident that his heart was in his work. Vesta an asteroid described as follows by authors Bloch and Demetra "using work as a compensation" is also parallel Neptune (his ideals/dreams) in his fourth house of family. And Ceres the asteroid having to do with parenting is parallel Chiron the planetoid known for showing where one’s wounds are in this life in the 10th house which seems to fit when considering the quote from above, where Sir Patrick Moore said he would have liked a family but it was not to be.

    Sir Patrick Alfred Moore at End of LifeStep 6. The overall horoscope shall fit the person exactly, without any doubts or exceptions.

    At this final check point, I feel pretty confident that this is a workable chart for Sir Patrick Alfred Moore.


    Overall, I think I would have gotten more from this method of rectification if I had read all of Willner’s book. But now that I have gone through the entire rectification process, I think it is difficult to try anything before using Solar Arc to check the angles.

    I can accept the idea of the spiritual birth time being different than the physical birth time. However, I find that looking at the Ascendant to see if characteristics match, before checking for specific indications that the angles are correct, is too subjective. Willner's steps 3 and 4 do check the event history anyway. So I find it makes more sense to use solar arc techniques and check the angles first (as I have been taught in the Kepler W112 course!).

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      Carol Tebbs, the author of The Complete Book of Chart Rectification presents a brief introduction to rectification.


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