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The Fallen Madonna - Story of Zosma The Fallen Madonna - Story of Zosma Zosma, also known as Dhur (“the Lion’s back”), Wadha (“the wise”), or its astronomical name, Delta Leonis, is a star of the constellation Leo.... More detail
Vedic Astrology and Spiritual Life Vedic Astrology and Spiritual Life We will start discussing this topic by going back to the roots of Jyotisha-not in the Jyotisha texts themselves, but In related thought and other important... More detail
The week of the Paris terrorist attacks: January 2015 The week of the Paris terrorist attacks: January 2015 The dramatic week of the terrorist attacks in Paris on the Charlie Hebdo offices and the Kosher grocery store, Jan. 7-15, 2015, closely coincided with... More detail

register blue6 hours of astrological conversation
10:00 AM to 4:00 PM PDT

International Astrology Day (IAD) marks the first day of Spring - the first day of Western astrology's tropical year. The Spring Equinox this year has two additional special events: the Full moon will be 14 hours away from perigee (its closest approach to earth) AND a total solar eclipse visible in the Arctic, Greenland, Iceland, Norway and the Faroe Islands. Europe, northern and eastern Asia and northern and western Africa will have a partial eclipse. The eclipse starts at 7:41am UTC. The maximum point (totality) begins at 09:45am UTC and will last for 2 minutes and 47 seconds.

After celebrating the eclipse, join us for a series of astrological conversations from 10 AM to 4 PM Pacific Daylight Time!

10:00 AM Hellenistic Meets Evolutionary with Chris Brennan and Mark Jones
11:00 AM Mundane Astrology with Bruce Scofield and Georgia Stathis
12:00 PM What Do You Do With Challenging Planets with Tamira McGillivray, Kenneth Miller and Andrea Gehrz
1:00 PM Declination - Important yet Neglected with Christine Arens and Carol Tebbs
2:00 PM Soul in Astrology with Joseph Crane and Laura Nalbandian
3:00 PM Astrological Research Doesn't have to be Difficult with David Cochrane, Judith Holloway and Laura Tadd

The talks will be recorded and everyone who signs up will receive a copy of the recording. So even if you cannot join us in person, make sure to sign up!

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  • WR203 Intimate Relationships +

    Primary Instructor: Karen McCauley. WR202 and WR203 may be taken in any order.  Astrology can provide a great deal of insight Read More
  • WH101 The Brilliance of Hellenistic Astrology: Introduction +

    Primary Instructor: Joseph Crane The student should have a background in the basics of modern astrology prior to taking this Read More
  • WL220 The Basics of Astro*Carto*Graphy +

    Instructors: Karen McCauley & Madalyn Hillis-DineenDiploma program elective Does anything change when you move from one place to another? Yes! Read More
  • E550 Vocational Astrology +

    What can I be good at? What should I do? What is my calling? Whether we are 5 or 50, Read More
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