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Depending on reading and comprehension skills, distance learning students can easily spend as much time studying as they would in a traditional residential college. But learning online gives students more flexibility to schedule study time around the requirements of a busy lifestyle.

Distance learning is not for everyone. In preparation for Kepler College's online learning program, prospective students should consider the following questions:


Kepler College of Astrological Arts and Sciences
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Director of Student Services
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October 29, 2004


Kepler College First Commencement

Seattle, WA— On October 10, Kepler College celebrated the first annual commencement ceremony. Eight students were awarded Bachelor of Arts degrees in Astrological Arts & Sciences, and two students were awarded Associate of Arts degrees in Astrological History and Symbology. Nearly 200 guests witnessed the historical event held at the Seattle Asian Arts Museum. Family and friends watched a multimedia display of the academic programs at the college, which showed how distance learning is integrated with onsite symposia around the theme of astrology. Speakers including Dr. Lee Lehman, Dr. Dennis Harness and Rob Hand gave a history of Kepler College’s grass roots beginnings, and provided a vision for the future for both the College and the graduates. During the reception guests toured the museum exhibits, which were especially relevant to the major curriculum focus on East/West Studies.

The undergraduate program at Kepler College is dedicated to providing a solid college education based on the traditional liberal arts. Students cultivate critical thinking and communication skills while studying the impact of astrology on the development of modern civilization. Many of the graduates plan to continue their education at the Graduate School level.

The eight Bachelor of Arts graduates were: Tishelle Betterman (Tacoma, WA), Linda R. Birch (Dublin, CA), Lindy Bradstreet (Sparks, NV), Karen Hawkwood (Boulder, CO), Elizabeth Kitney (Portland, OR), Maire Masco (Seattle, WA), Norma Jean Ream (Pohao, HI) and Paula Wagner (Belfast, ME). The two Associate of Arts graduates were: Angelica Camargo-Flores (Seattle, WA) and Suzzane Duffy-Kane (Seattle, WA).

Enrollment for the four-year Bachelors and two-year Associates programs is now open. The Winter term begins December 6, 2004. Subjects offered this term are Astrology in Medieval Civilizations, The Art and Science of Astrology, Eastern and Western Astrological Traditions, Intermediate Hellenistic Astrology, Intermediate Classical Horary, Medieval , Vedic Lunar Nodes and Jungian Relationships Intensive. Some courses have prerequisites, and there are some openings for non-matriculating students. Please call the office (425-673-4292) for more information, or download the current catalog and application form from www.kepler.edu.

Further information about the first annual Kepler College commencement can be found on the college website at: www.kepler.edu.

Kepler College is the only college integrating astrological studies into an academic curriculum authorized to offer Associate of Arts, Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees. The College exists to provide a broad liberal arts education, and to thoroughly examine the field of astrology in its important role in the development of ancient, medieval and renaissance civilizations.

For more information about Kepler College, call (425) 673-4292.

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