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On March 22, 2009, faculty members Carol Tebbs, MA and Lee Lehman, PhD presented a webinar on the use of astrology in modern fantasy literature. They focused on the Narnia series by C.S. Lewis, the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling, and His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman (from which the movie, the Golden Compass, was made).

On February 22, 2009, Georgia Stathis provided a webinar for Solar Arcs. Below you will find a link to her presentation and an audio introduction.

  • Audio Introduction:
  • Powerpoint presentation as a PDF file

Celebration Time! Graduation 2009


Congratulations to AA graduate Risha Denney and BA graduates Inga Thornell, Jason Agundez, LeeAnn Curtis, and Jaqui Menkes - members of Kepler College's fifth graduating class!
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Curious about the Kepler experience? Watch Jacqui and Inga describe their education.

Click to see more graduation speeches: BA graduate, Jason Agundez; Lee Lehman: Is there a political dimension to being an astrologer? Welcome speech by President, Enid Newberg
Charles Harvey Award
Robert Hand, the Kepler Board chair, received the Charles Harvey Award from the Astrological Association of Great Britain at this fall's graduation ceremonies. The award is presented to an individual who has performed outstandingly in work for astrology. The award is voted on by all the schools and astrological societies in the United Kingdom. You can Rob receive his award here on YouTube.

Robert Hand, MA, Board Chair of Kepler College, was awarded the Charles Harvey Award, the annual UK astrology award for outstanding achievement, at the AA conference in early Fall. At Kepler's Fall graduation ceremonies, Nicholas Campion presented him with the statuette of Hermes to commemorate the award.

Kepler College faculty member Karen McCauley, MA, received the AFAN service award at UAC in May. Karen teaches a number of pscyhology and counseling courses at Kepler. She has worked as a counselor and therapist since 1984, including at the Stewart House and LA County Children and Family Services. She has also been the managing editor for Aspects Magazine and is the Executive Director for the Continuum, the Jim Lewis Foundation.

Lee Lehman, PhD, Kepler College's Chief Academic Officer, received the Regulus Award for Education at this year's UAC conference. The education award recognizes the work of teaching through the published and spoken word, or the founding of schools and study programs. You can see her acceptance below:

Robert Hand, Chair of the Kepler College Board of Trustees, received two major awards at the United Astrology Conference (UAC) in Denver. First he got the Marc Edmund Jones award and then the Regulus Lifetime Achievement Award.


Winston Churchill stated that history is written by the victors. But reality is more complex. The history we learned in K-12 was written to teach good examples as well as to give us those facts that are deemed the most important. The history we learn from Hollywood was written to tell a good story. In all these histories, we seldom learn about the complexity of the cultures described. And we even more rarely hear dissenting points of view.

Until recently, an academic history of astrology always included a disclaimer by the author assuring the reader of his or her disbelief and the occasional comment about the superstitious and misguided individuals who practiced astrology. Science historians rarely acknowledged any part of astrology's influence on the development of astronomy, mathematics or meteorology. This picture is changing, in part because of the existence of Kepler College and in part because of programs like those at the University of Lampeter and the Warburg Institute.

But the history of astrology is still considered a fringe discipline. This means astrologers need to take control over our own history. Now a college is not just a place for students to take classes. It also acts as a guardian of histories that would otherwise be lost. Thus Kepler College is beginning an oral history project to capture the history of 20th Century astrology. One of our seniors, Risha Denney, is beginning this task by focusing her senior project on the far-sited individuals who understood that in today's world, the future of astrology required that it also be taught in higher education.

Another of our seniors is updating a survey done approximately 10 years ago on astrology as a profession. I hope that you will share your time and comments with her as well.

Oral history Senior Project
Greetings from Risha Denney

For my Senior Project I am embarking on quite the journey, a journey through the halls of history, more precisely the halls of Kepler College History. I will be creating an Oral History piece on Kepler College, on her history, and her fight for existence. This video documentary will be complete with interviews and commentary with those who urged Kepler into being, as well as those that have kept Kepler moving forward. I am very excited about the possibilities with this project, and I'm delighted to bring the history and human stories of Kepler together into an archive project to benefit astrologers and the college.

The Kepler College Board of Trustees have named the Kepler College electronic research library after Marion March. Marion, who passed away in 2001, was an internationally recognized astrologer and received many awards, including the PAI and Regulus Awards. She was a long-time supporter of Kepler College and and her husband and family have continued that support.

Students can register to have access to primary source material written in or translated to English through the nineteenth century in Early English Books Online (EEBO). Access to twentieth century academic journals and periodicals through Journal Storage: the Scholarly Journal Archive (JSTOR) “Arts and Sciences I and II” and the Proquest Sociology Database provide Kepler students a wide range of materials of both primary and secondary sources for effective and comprehensive research. In addition, the library has a collection of audio and video lectures.

Non-students may also gain access to the electronic research databases.  Click here to register for the library. Your login information will be sent to you within 2 business days.  Kepler also has an agreement with ISAR and other astrological organizations where members may purchase access to the online library for a discounted price.