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Astrology on trial: "Mumbai: Astrology is an ancient "science" and it cannot be banned, the Union Government has said in an affidavit filed in the Bombay High Court here." Read more

Unethical or simply practical? The Indian Council of Astrological Sciences has claimed that companies have been consulting astrologers for recruiting and sacking employees."Now several companies are consulting astrologers for hiring and firing the professionals," said Justice S N Kapoor, Chairperson International wing of ICAS and former Judge of Delhi High Court.  Read more

Another article on using the Moon to make your wine taste better, Maria and Matthias Thun claim each day can be defined as a "fruit, flower, leaf or root day" corresponding to the lunar calendar.  Read more

An object lesson on the dangers of blatant predictions. Astrologer advice kept Chennai Super Kings owner, N Srinivasan, away from Indian Premier League Final. The astrologer said this would ensure that Srinivasan's team won - it didn't. Read more

Do you have an iPhone? There's an app for the iPhone that gives your sun sign according to the Mayan calendar.  Read more


Astronomy in the News


Jupiter's lost a stripe! and planetary scientists find themselves at a loss to explain what the trigger was. But it has happened before. The South Equatorial Belt (SEB) disappeared in 1973 and 1991.  Read more

Jupiter will be visible in the early morning hours of May 2010. "Amateur astronomers will start to be able to observe Jupiter and continue to be able to observe the largest planet until late fall 2010."  Read more

"U.S. astronomers using NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope  say they've discovered what might be the earliest, most distant cluster of galaxies ever found."  Read more

"The surface of the sun undergoes violent changes on a daily basis, but a group of astronomers has found that the size of our nearest star has been perplexingly constant in recent years."  Read more

On  May 14, the space shuttle Atlantis launched its last mission. Click here for the NASA image.  Video of The Legacy of Space Shuttle Atlantis.

India is issuing a special set of postage stamps - the 12 signs of the zodiac.

The stary-eyed view of stocks. “The chances of a pullback in Indian shares in April and May are greater now due to the close opposition aspect of Saturn and Uranus that occurs in the last week of April.” Read more

Year of the Tiger. "The Year of the Tiger will see a continuation of drought, diseases, flooding and violence in Cambodia, the capital’s fortune-tellers said on the eve of the new year, but the anticipated disasters will do little to seriously impact the Kingdom’s economic development in the upcoming year."  Read more

How can astrologers combat the naysayers? This article and its comments are far too common - so many misconceptions. "Astrology doesn’t work. Shocker, I know. I’ve written on this topic extensively, but of course astrologers send me email — seriously — saying how their flavor of magic works, or that I wasn’t fair, or that if only I faced the right way and triantrilated my fibbertygibbet, astrology would be correct, despite my article very carefully showing that no matter how you slice it, astrology doesn’t work."  Read more

In light of the above, thank goodness for David Cochren's new software. "Astrological Researcher Says Software Product Produces Statistically Significant Results in Promising Pilot Studies"  Read more

But then as astrologers, we must also contend with the fact that astrology scams are now one of the most prevelent on the Internet. "The FBI said this familiar scam has resurfaced in which a victim receives spam or pop-up messages offering free astrological readings. The victim must provide his/her birth date and birth location to receive a free reading." Read more here and here.



What in the world is the sun up to now? "NASA solar physicist David Hathaway reports that the top of the sun's Great Conveyor Belt has been running at record-high speeds for the past five years." Read more. For some fabulous pictures of the sun, click here for the First Light for the Solar Dynamics Observatory.

Are Venus and Earth in a long-distance relationship? The heart of Venus may belong to Earth. "Whenever Venus and Earth arrive at the closest point in their orbits, Venus always presents the same face to us. This could mean that Earth's gravity is tugging subtly on Venus, affecting its rotation rate."  Read more

Unlocking the Secrets of Jupiter's Giant Red Spot. "New thermal images from powerful ground-based telescopes show swirls of warmer air and cooler regions never seen before within Jupiter's Great Red Spot."  Read more

The Multiplying Mystery of Moonwater. "We thought we understood the Moon, but we don't," says Paul Spudis of the Lunar and Planetary Institute. "It's clear now that water exists up there in a variety of concentrations and geologic settings. And who'd have thought that today we'd be pondering the Moon's hydrosphere?"  Read more

Moonlets and maelstroms: mysteries of Saturn revealed. "During its six-year scrutiny of Saturn, the Cassini spacecraft has resolved many questions about the ringed world – but it has captured unexplained phenomena too, says Rachel Courtland" Read more

With Gravity’s Help, Cassini Puts On a Saturn Spectacular. "In six years of cruising around the planet Saturn and its neighborhood, the Cassini spacecraft has discovered two new Saturn rings, a bunch of new moons and a whole new class of moonlets." Read more

New pictures of Pluto reveal an icy molasses-colored world with a surprising amount of activity.  Read more

Need a laugh?

    Check out Random Funny Astrology Bits "A differing sense of humor is an unbridgeable gap that divides ordinary humans. Amongst astrologers, it’s the house system they use."

bruce_interviewedIn mid-January, Astronomer Parke Kunkle was in the news with his claim that due to changes in the Earth's alignment the dates of many zodiac signs have changed. This was because astronomers have now decided to let the constellation Ophiuchus be part of their astronomical zodiac. Of course, he did not understand that astrologers use the names from the constellations, but not the actual constellations (which are definitely not conveniently spread exactly 30 degrees apart). But for those who know little to nothing about the actual practice of astrology, this was considered a BIG DEAL!

Faculty member Bruce Scofield was interviewed for the News program Mass Appeal "to explain this whole astrology thing a little further."  Click here for a video of the interview.

Jacquiheadshot1Kepler College BA graduate Jacqui Menkes was a featured host for Astrology radio program on WTAR blogtalk radio for the past year until she decided to go back to school. She enrolled for a time in the Cultural and Cosmology program at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David. Her last show was, November 9, 2010  and then she handed over the scepter to Chris Brennan. Chris received his Associate of Arts degree from Kepler College in 2010. He is a Hellenistic astrologer and is lecturing and teaching this form of the original Western Astrology. We hope you will listen to his program for Traditional Astrology Radio!

Kepler College would like to give a special thank-you for scholarship money and assistance from the astrological organizations who contributed in the 2009-2010 school year. In particular, we would like to thank,

  • Nancy Best, president of the Oregon Astrological Association in Portland, both for her personal donation and her for support through a donation from OAA.
  • Christine Arens for organizing the Friends of Astrology library auction in Chicago last August and Christine Arens for her own direct support, both as a board member and as a major donor.
  • ISAR for $1500 toward scholarships
  • NCGR for $500 toward scholarships
  • Astroscapes for their $500 scholarship to a Kepler student.

Kepler is setting up some special thanks for organizations that help, particularly those who aid students who are working to complete their degrees over the next two years.

b_scofield 3-28Faculty member Bruce Scofield received his PhD from the University of Massachusetts in 2010. His Doctoral Defense was given on October 5, 2009. His committee includedLynn Margulis (Chair), Rob Deconto, Frank Keimig, Brian Ogilvie and Ted Sargent. He worked  on Gaia theory and solar system influences on climate and life; how minute fluctuations in the cosmic environment are amplified and accomplish profound transformations in the atmosphere and biosphere. Click here for a copy of his dissertation.

Specifically, his thesis examined temperature variations in the northern hemisphere correlated with Saturn-Sun geocentric alignments. For the past five years at the U. of Mass. he also assisted Lynn Margulis in her course Environmental Evolution and has conducted discussion sections for James Walker’s honors course Cosmos to Humanity (Bio 270H) which surveys current scientific knowledge from the Big Bang to the future of life, all in the context of the theory of evolution.

On Monday Sept 28, 2009 Georgia Stathis discussed the reasons why the eclipses mattered to the ancients and are still relevant to us today. You can hear a repeat of this interview by host Jaqui Menkes at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/WTARadio

On September 14, 2009, Kepler College CAO and faculty member Lee Lehman appeared on WTAR, the online radio podcast station and discussed astrological education: what is it and how it can be improved. Host of the show was Kepler College BA graduate Jacqui Menkes. To listen to the interview, click here.

Mark Douglas has been one of Kepler College's most dedicated supporters. He is not only a member of the founder's circle, and a donor of land, money and equipment, but also a true friend to our students through the Purple Angel Scholarship.

Kepler College is pleased to announce that the Board of Trustees has granted Mark Douglas the Distinguished Fellowship Award for his exceptional contributions to Kepler College and astrology

Mark Douglas is the well-deserved recipient of the Kepler College Distinguished Fellowship Award. The Board of Trustees has recognized Mark as one of Kepler College's most dedicated supporters. He is not only a member of the Founder's Circle, and a donor of land, money and equipment, but also a true friend to our students through the Purple Angel Scholarship.