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An image of Vesta from NASAFrom NASA's website (Dec 5, 2011):

"Vesta appears in a splendid rainbow-colored palette in new images obtained by NASA's Dawn spacecraft. The colors, assigned by scientists to show different rock or mineral types, reveal Vesta to be a world of many varied, well-separated layers and ingredients. Vesta is unique among asteroids visited by spacecraft to date in having such wide variation, supporting the notion that it is transitional between the terrestrial planets -- like Earth, Mercury, Mars and Venus -- and its asteroid siblings."

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Former Kepler student Andrea Gehrz has published two new translations that bring readable language to ancient texts.

The first book is an edited translation of Vettius Valens of Antioch, Anthology, Book One. Vettius Valens was a 2nd Century astrologer and his anthology is the largest treatise on astrology from that period. This work is also important because Valens traveled throughout the Hellenistic world, gathering astrological doctrines. Gehrz brings her deep understanding of Hellenistic Astrology combined with her linguistic skills to provide a very readable translation of this astrological work. I hope that the other volumes of Valens' Anthology will be coming soon.

ISAR has included Kepler College as one of its affiliated schools. Gisele Terry, president of ISAR, wrote:

"Aleksandar Imsiragic, the Director of ISAR Education, has just informed me of Kepler's approval as an ISAR Affiliated School.  On behalf of all of us on the ISAR board, congratulations! Kepler's certificate program is most impressive, the faculty excellent, and Kepler's educational philosophy is truly admirable. We are so happy to include you in our affiliate program."

You will find us on their Affiliated School List at http://www.isarastrology.com/index.php/certification/affiliated-schools.

"Time-traveling Samoans get jump start on New Year’s parties as world bids adieu to tough year"- The Washington Post


Samoa and neighboring Tokelau lie near the date line that zigzags vertically through the Pacific Ocean, and both sets of islands decided to realign themselves this year from the Americas side of the line to the Asia side, to be more in tune with key trading partners.
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The New Zealand "Stuff" reported that the date change was bad timing for some.
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Are you an Aries? I’ve got bad news for you. You’re going to jail. The Chatham-Kent Police Department divided their inmates by astrology signs and found that people born under the sign Aries were more likely to get arrested.

According to the National Post, 1,986 people have been arrested by the Chatham-Kent Police Department so far this year. 203 of those people were born under the sign of Aries.

In a news release, the Chatham-Kent Police Service said: “To provide an interesting astrological perspective, an algorithm was applied to all the arrestees’ dates of birth.”

Const. Michael Pearce, a police spokesman admits that the list may not by the key to a “Minority Report” crime system. “You can’t really read too much into it. I don’t comment too much on the Zodiac stuff because I don’t want any backlash about it. I am not drawing any conclusions about it.”


Murder Mystery? In 2010, Tycho Brahe was dug up and reburied yet again in another attempt to discover whether he died from natural causes or was murdered. Among the many articles about this last search for answers, The crazy life and crazier death of Tycho Brahe, history's strangest astronomer is one of the more colorful.  After samples were obtained, they re-buried Brahe on Nov. 18, 2010.  Stuart Clark's website also includes an excerpt  from the novel in which German mathematician Johannes Kepler learns a little more about Tycho's astronomical achievements.

by Enid Newberg

I don't know of any astrologer who doesn't jump at the chance to learn more and increase his or her skills. I am certainly no exception to this rule. And this leads me to a pet peeve I have with many otherwise wonderful articles and lectures: I cannot tell where the information came from!

Carol Tebbs, the author of The Complete Book of Chart Rectification presents a brief introduction to rectification.

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The concept of Sect comes to us from Hellenistic times. It is a concept that fell out of use for many years, but is being rediscovered as more and more astrologers are re-examining ancient techniques. Sect can help you determine the the qualities of a planet, whether for good or ill, and its effect in the chart.

Depending on whether it is a daytime or nighttime chart, sect tells you which of the classical planets (Sun and Moon, and the planets Mercury through Saturn) have the upper hand. It also provides clues as to which planets will be more helpful or more problematic in the chart.