Editorials & Opinions

by Jacqueline Menkes, Senior Project, Class of 2008


Jacqui Menkes 2008 graduation picture

I know that it seems like a daunting task that looms at the end of the senior year, the senior project but it need not be. All that is really needed planning and the help of our great teachers. In the article below is the rough sketch of what my senior project idea became. I was curious to know how astrologers fared professionally in comparison to other established professions, including the one that I had been practicing for 40 years. I thought that the best people to ask the question to be the professional astrologers and the place would be United Astrology Conference in Denver. The rest of this article is the outcome of the survey that would morph into my final senior project and go on to be published in the ISAR journal The International Astrologer.


Skeptics have often leveled criticism on the lack of professional standards in astrology and/or professionalism of the astrologers who practice it. The purpose of this research is to follow up on a survey distributed fourteen years ago on the state of professionalism in the practice of astrology among practicing astrologers and to note any change of findings from the prior study. This new survey was conducted at the United Astrology Conference (UAC) in Denver, Colorado in May of 2008.


Upon reviewing the Tunney survey of 1994 that was called Project Focus and the synopsis of the 6-page Tunney survey, it was possible to recognize how the two surveys findings dovetail. The original survey results were presented at the United Astrology Conference in Monterey California in 1995. Of the approximate 5000, surveys sent out across the country the results were based on the 1000 that were returned to them and of that group, 657 were actually analyzed.[1] Though these surveys were taken 14 years apart, it was interesting to note that the same issues on professionalism especially wages and remunerations for services surfaced.