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Since coming into the study of astrology, I have deeply pondered the mechanism behind its magical and profound workings.  Any student of the subject has surely been amazed by its exactitude and precision in the timing of events, bodily illness, and passing moods that sweep through us in any given day. It is the unending and uncanny accuracy of astrology that keeps me motivated to continue my study. I also believe that astrology can be used to aid in healing. For instance, medical astrology can often be as accurate as a laboratory test, yet looking at the astrological chart is completely non-invasive.

Glasscock, Robert—a personal anecdote, by Robert Glasscock

Somebody once said to me, resentfully: “You get everything you want, don’t you?”

Now, that’s an interesting question and one I’d never thought about. I realized that, to this man, it seemed I DID get everything I wanted.

But personally, I knew better. Without thinking, I replied, “No, I don’t. But the difference between you and me is that everything I have in my life, I wanted.”

Meaning, of course, that there was nothing in my life that I did not want there.

by Enid Newberg

I don't know of any astrologer who doesn't jump at the chance to learn more and increase his or her skills. I am certainly no exception to this rule. And this leads me to a pet peeve I have with many otherwise wonderful articles and lectures: I cannot tell where the information came from!