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Iam so much pained to see the arrogance of the author in writing Aryans came from North Eastern Europe sorry!!

So,those nomads on touching Indian soil got mysterious knowledge to surpass even those original Aryans of North Eastern Europe! Is it?
What a egoistic humbug!!
The modern dried Saraswathi river discovery exactly as per Rigveda in 1996 and subsequent expert study with Isotopic soil analysis confirmed that the river dried in 1900BC.

The modern satelllite pictures of paleochannels of the dried river confirmed Rigvedic details of the Saraswathi river path and other details.

Rigveda very clearly tells that Saraswathi was huge river with mighty currents and ten kings war or Dasarajna took place on the banks of it.
It enlists those Defeated Aryan kings and their families by name who went towards West which are very much tally with amcient European groups.
(This also provide first migration of European forefathers from ancient India.)

Rigveda praises Saraswathi river was mother like to Aryans as it only helps their sustenance.
Experts confirmed the river was mighty only in 6000BC or still above.

This pushed Rigvedic itself to 6000Bc or still above.
The ancient astronomical reference in Rigveda corresponds to 4300BC, confirmed by even many Western astronomers as correct and noted down with physical presence.

Besides,Rigveda very clearly tells that Aryans are origin in AryaVartha which is North India by clearly giving geographical limits.

There is nothing in the ancient Rigveda to say that Aryans came from outside.
Even in those anceint time,Rigvedic verses speaks like that Aryans existed in Arya Vartha many thousands of years.
Again,Gulf of Cambay discovery of underwater Vedic city in India in 2002, only confirmed all the above.
Modern genetic study completelu debunked Aryan Invasion theory.

There is no contradiction at all in archeological,astronocmical,underwater and genetic studies.

Bet,for those Carol Tebbs like egoistic westernes,these things never matters except their egoistic lies!
They have decided so much arrogance against the truth and history!

This completely go against the dictim that astronomers should never tell lies and pure in their thoughts and action!!

Anyhow,will like to see,how long these egoists fool the people of the world!