From planetary ‘Intelligencies’ to the seven archangels, learn how astrologers have invoked spirits for assistance. 

Along with energetic notions of astral influence, of ‘the starry dynamo in the machinery of night’, the history of astrology – especially astrological magic! – is full of endeavours to conjure astral spirits.

From the seven archangels standing before the throne of the Creator, to angels (and demons!) of the ever-revolving Zodiac, to the countless spirit catalogues ascribed to the divisions of the sky such as the haunted mansions and ancient decans, through to and planetary guides, astrological magic can be a thoroughly enspirited practice, strengthened, deepened and enlivened through a sort of astral animism. 

In this online class, Dr Alexander Cummins – an historian of early modern magic, grimoires, and the passions – uses texts and examples of this history of conjuration to offer perspectives, techniques, and tools for developing work with spirits in one’s astrological magic. Whether housed in charm-bags or spirit bottles, further empowering one’s magical objects, or assisting in one’s rituals, spirits are a fundamental and powerful part of Western magic.

If you are intrigued by ideas of being able to talk to tutelary spirits of Venus, of carrying a spirit advisor or bodyguard upon one’s person into difficult situations, or simply knowing how to treat a daimonic star-being if you happen to come across one in a dream, then please join us for this workshop.

Part of the Fundamentals of Astrological Magic series, this online class does not require that you attended any previous session. Rather, each seminar is designed to stand alone, while also mutually supporting the understanding and utility of the others. This allows participants to structure their learning as they see best; assisting students both in following their passions and in receiving new information.


Cummins, AlexanderDr. Alexander Cummins is an historian of early modern magic, astrology, and culture. His first book, The Starry Rubric: Seventeenth-century English Astrology and Magic was published by Hadean Press in 2012. He has also written on the cultural history of Apocalypse, occult botany and magical herbalism in the grimoires, the material history of amulets, planetary sorcery, necromancy, and various forms of folk magic.

He curates a storehouse of early modern occult texts scanned from archives at