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Planetary Incantation: The Astrological Magic of Prayer, Poetry and Performance.

DATES: Saturdays beginning February 11 for seven weeks
TIME: 10:30AM - 12:30PM PST / 1:30-3:30PM EST
Everyone who registers will receive a copy of the recorded lecture

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Poetry is one of the fundamental forms of not only understanding the Planets but asking for their help and channeling their energies and virtues. Whether whispering prayers, charismatically commanding astrological spirits, or softly begging for favours from the starry heavens, speaking eloquently and powerfully of the Stars was to known to bring some of their radiance and potency to bear in the tangible earthly matters. The magic of speech is some of the most profound sorcery.

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For 100 years, theosophy and esoteric astrology have provided a path to delve deeply into spirituality and the soul. These two workshops will introduce students to this profound system.

If you missed the first class - you can get the recording and still attend the rest of the sessions for this excellent workshop.