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enrollUnless noted, all the courses are 10-weeks in length and cost $530.

Every term includes both electives (some of which may only be offered once per year) and regularly scheduled Certificate courses. Live meetings will be recorded and students will receive a copy of the recording as part of their tuition.

Sept 6: Mundane Astrology from a Spiritual Point of View with Sol Jonassen

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register-blueSaturday, Sept 6, 2014
FREE WEBINAR From 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm Pacific Daylight Time
(4:00 pm - 5:30 pm EDT)

Astrology reveals the inner dynamics of a country. People who rise to prominence have a strong synastry with the chart of their country and thus speak to the deeper layers of the nation's personality and soul. Any nation, with its subcultures, is prone to inner tensions and the leaders of any nation reflect the collective consciousness. Using this approach, you will see each country's chart from a whole new perspective.

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Sept 27: Using Outer Planet Pairs to Navigate the Post-Modern World

register-blueTony Dickey and Gary Lorentzen
FREE WEBINAR Saturday, Sept 27 from
1:00 - 2:30 pm PDT / 4 - 5:30 pm EDT

Historians debate when or even if the postmodern world began. Specifically, we know we are experiencing a cultural trend that is no longer ‘modern’, but when did modernism end? What is this ‘postmodernism’ that took its place and when did the shift begin? Using the outer planets as our indicators, we may have to broaden our definition of ‘modern’ and ‘postmodern’ and re-think our cultural time-frame.

We understand that modernism began as a strong shift toward a non-religious worldview that had its roots in Renaissance Humanism. That humanism ultimately led to various cultural revolutions—political, scientific and industrial. These revolutions have led us to the various postmodern political, scientific, industrial, artistic and existential crises our world faces today.

Examining both the structure of astrological time using precession and historical periods as well as the important conjunctions of the outer planets, Tony Dickey and Gary Lorentzen bring some astrological clarity to historical periodicity and the confusion over the relationship of modernism and postmodernism to astrological explanations of modern historical events and trends. This presentation builds on the work of Barbault, Palden Jenkins, Rick Tarnas and others. They will present a holistic view of past present and future, utilizing synodic pairs of the planets Jupiter through Pluto. How we got to this critical period and what lies ahead will make sense to you in a way easy to grasp, yet leave you with the profound insight astrology offers.

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Oct 5: Erin Sullivan Workshop on The Elegance of the Solar System: Retrograde Planets

register-blueOctober 5, 2014 Part 2: Outer Planets Retrograde ($39)

9 am - Noon PDT (12 pm - 3 pm EDT)

This is an “enlightenment” seminar! Aha Moments Occur!

Erin will show through PowerPoint technical patterns, and lecture on their interpretive meaning, how Outer Planet Rx will create 3 opportunities in 18 months to undergo a major rebirth. Their patterns are unique and Erin is the first to research, organize and write succinctly on Rx Planets . . . Since Democritus, a 2,500 year loss of information is now, finally, corrected and eloquently made clear!



Erin SullivanErin has supported the astrology world for over 45 years, teaching, writing, practicing and creating venues for astrological speakers in Canada and the US. She was the Series editor for the Contemporary Astrology Series, Arkana, Penguin, for 10 years while living in London, a tutor for the CPA in the 1990's. In that capacity, she commissioned some of the best authors in the world, and continues to support many other authors in their own work. Her astrology spans the technical to the archetypal and psychological.  She has taught at all major conferences around the world and is a lecturer for Kepler College, Nightlight Astrology and her own webinars. 

A background in Classics and astronomy feeds her mind and work, as well as her lovely family, two daughters and three grandchildren. Erin has travelled, and lived all over the world, and now resides in the high desert, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Visit her at: (articles, mp3's, free podcasts, and presentations) and at her professional Facebook page.

Fall Equinox Celebration and Fundraiser ($39)

Sept 23, 2014
From 10 am to 4 pm Pacific Time

Join us for an equinox celebration of astrology. We have 12 special speakers and 6 conversations - tune in each hour and discover something new! Our topics for the day unlock the story in the chart, move through predictive methods, stretch through time from Hellenistic to modern, explore aspect divisions and the connections between Western and Vedic. Everyone who signs up with receive a recording of events for the entire day, so you don't need to worry about missing anything. All proceeds will go toward Kepler's student scholarships.

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Classical Horary Astrology (take any time)

Course available beginning July 2

Primary Instructor: J. Lee Lehman
This is not a beginner level course. You will need a background in natal astrology
This course can be used as an elective for the diploma.

You may have used natal astrology to tell that you are likely to move this year - but is the house you just looked at a good match? Your client's chart may show relationship issues, but is the guy she just met last weekend a prince or a frog? And what if your cousin's birth time is uncertain - he still has questions!

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