By Walter Cambra
The center of our solar system is the Sun, the Giver of Life, and light to the whole system. It is the principal influence throughout the whole system of astrology and is the representative of Self.[1] The Sun is the giver of the life principle, or the breath of life, and when manifesting in the physical world the Sun represents the specialized life or Prana in each separate individual.[2]

By Walter C. Cambra, M.A.  (F. R. C.)

The last unsolved riddle in The Sibylline Oracles suggests there is an arcane name for the Heavenly Father of Jesus-the-Christ.  The numerical value total for the letters of the Heavenly Father’s name conceals two occult features which, when elucidated, reveal the Heavenly Father to be the source of light in its physical and metaphysical aspects.

The proposed solution to the last unsolved riddle explains the solar/astronomical context for the riddle and its connection with the magic square of the sun, from which are generated significant numerical triplicities such as 666 in The Book of Revelation 13:18 in the New English Bible, 888 in Book One of The Sibylline Oracles, and 999 mentioned in The Kabala of Numbers.

Numerous studies have shown a link between season of birth and personality, mood swings, age when babies crawl and more. But before getting too excited, we should consider what these studies showing a seasonal biological effect are measuring and what the implications might be for astrology.

A 2010 study "provides the first evidence for seasonal imprinting of biological clocks in mammals." Using baby mice, the researchers showed that the imprinting at birth had "dramatic effects on the reaction of the biological clock to changes in season later in life." But the imprinting was not specific to the actual time of birth. "Exactly when the imprinting occurs during the three-week period leading up to weaning and whether the effect is temporary or permanent are questions the scientists intend to address in future experiments."

Other studies have shown that there is a link between our biological clock and diabetes, that fiddling with our biological clock can suppress cancer, that babies born in the winter and early spring have a higher risk of schizophrenia, and that the month of birth can affect allergies. The issue for astrologers is that these differences are specific to latitude. In other words, January in the northern hemisphere shows the same results as July in the southern hemisphere. And it appears that these differences do not show up on the equator.

So, does this type of research really provide positive evidence for Sun sign astrology? If so, does this mean we need to modify how we practice astrology to better account for seasonal variations by latitude?